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Beware the YELLING BIRD!

Beware Eben and Snooch!

This is a really great comic! I got to visit Hilary Price at her studio with a few friends, and she's wicked nice!

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has a dumb name, but a great Coffee Break page! (p.s. You can find the most recent Boondocks and Rhymes With Orange here!)

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I'm not sure about THIS one.

here are some that are sure to be NOT ok:

This is an entirely inappropriate comic. And I'm addicted to it!

This is entirely inappropriate, too. Turn your popups off.

This is dumb in addition to being offensive. It's like a trainwreck - you just can't stop looking!! Be sure to turn your sound down a bit, and check out the archives. Do not attempt to consume beverages whilst watching. You've been warned.