Old Volvo Pages

Dedicated to the Volvo hobby, and not to be confused with VCOA, Volvo Cars North America, Volvo AB, Ford Motor Company or anything remotely commercial.

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Volvo magazine advertisements.

Historic road tests of Volvos.

Engine cutaway views from 1975, from my collection of original magazines.

Cutaway view of the new B21A engine, from 1975 Road & Track

Cutaway view of the P-V-R all-aluminum V6, B27F engine from 1975 Road & Track

Cutaway of the all-new 1975 264GL, European model.

1958 Volvo 544.

1961 Volvo 122S.

1970 Volvo 1800E.

1970 Volvo 164.

1974 Volvo 144.